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We at Exchange Trust understand that the sales and purchases of your investment properties are some of the most stressful but important events of your life. You have the benefit of your real estate broker to guide you, but when it comes to the tax implications, you need an expert to save you as much capital gains tax as possible. This tax savings allows you to have more funds to acquire additional properties.   


And most tax deferred exchanges are not as cut and dried as people would hope. So our office understands the need to assess your unique situation and work with your broker to structure the transactions within the IRS’s rules. Our service is unmatched.   Every client is given their facilitators personal email address and cell phone number in order to stay in touch and ask questions along the way.  


With offices in Washington and California, Exchange Trust is well connected to the western US real estate market.   


1031 Exchange fees start at $600 per property closing and vary depending on the complexity of the transactions.  

Never is there extra charges for questions, guidance, and consultations. 

What is a 1031 Exchange?

A 1031 Exchange is a versatile tax-savings tool for the most savvy investor – 
Deferring tax = faster wealth accumulation. 
A 1031 Exchange is one of the single greatest wealth building tools for the real estate investor!
Exchange Trust Inc. is one of the leading experts in complex or standard tax-free exchanges with our 21 years of experience.    We specialize in exchanges for sales and reinvestments of property on the West coast. 
Simple exchanges or one property sold and exchanged for multiple properties, or for new construction, or situations with multiple partner owners, or divorce situations…. We can make sense of any transaction and insure the avoidance of all tax. 
45 days to find your new property after the closing of your sale, and 180 days to finalize the purchase(s).   
Partial exchanges are very common where the seller wants to withdraw some of the sales proceeds for other personal expenses - not reinvest all of the proceeds.  
This would NOT disqualify the 1031 exchange.  
The New Tax law of 2018 no longer allows us to exchange personal property like boats and inventories, but we can still exchange every type of real estate.   
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Washington and California state law, RCW 19.310.040, requires an exchange facilitator to either maintain a fidelity bond in an amount of not less than one million dollars that protects clients against losses caused by criminal acts of the exchange facilitator, or to hold all client funds in a qualified escrow account or qualified trust that requires your consent for withdrawals. All exchange funds must be deposited in a separately identified account using your taxpayer identification number. You must receive written notification of how your exchange funds have been deposited. Your exchange facilitator is required to provide you with written directions of how to independently verify the deposit of the exchange funds. Exchange facilitation services are not regulated by any agency of the state of Washington or of the United States government. It is your responsibility to determine that your exchange funds will be held in a safe manner.