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Complete 1031 Services

Unlike most 1031 Facilitators, we are TAX professionals, licensed by the IRS with a perfect record of no IRS changes. Every Exchange is different - use experts who handle every phase
personally. Located in the same office for 24 years - Funds are guaranteed safe and secure.

SOLUTION…. Avoid the Vaccine Mandate
Save you and your employees TAX

Simply convert some Employees to Contractors!

Together we simply make small adjustments to certain 
employees’ work process --

You will BOTH save a surprising amount of tax.
Tax savings to an Employee earning $50,000: $3,200/year
Tax Savings for the Employer from that one employee: $6,600/year

  • We will show you and your HR staff how to legally move qualifying employees from W-2 to 1099 status. The new working from home habit has helped create this opportunity -- Employees are now more autonomous

  •  This eliminates most of the payroll taxes for you and even for employees. Their personal tax return is a little more complicated at the end of the year, but we give them no-cost tax-filing advice.

  •  They again will get to write off a home office deduction, mileage, education, travel, electronics, supplies – all the things we lost in the 2018 tax changes. Now converting them to contractors gets this back for them in a better way. 

  • Your key employees who don’t want vaccines are no longer employees and would be exempt from all future mandates.

  • Our fee depends on how many of your employees can be converted.

24 years of tax and HR experience

Exchanging some of Your Staff to the Correct Status

Exchange to Build Wealth

We at Exchange Trust understand that the sales and purchases of your investment properties are some of the most stressful but important events of your life. You have the benefit of your real estate broker to guide you, but when it comes to the tax implications, you need an expert to save you as much capital gains tax as possible. This tax savings allows you to have more funds to acquire additional properties, which builds wealth.


Our depth of technical expertise and practical experience has developed over many years.  Additionally, our professionalism and commitment to our customers are demonstrated every day.


Safety and security of exchange funds is a matter of paramount importance.  Exchange Trust routinely provides customers with superior safety and security controls for exchange funds.


Exchange Trust is one of the leading experts in complex or standard tax-free exchanges with our 21 years of experience. We specialize in exchanges for sales and reinvestments of property on the West coast. 

Peace of Mind & Safety Of Your Funds

Audit Protection

Up-to-date Legal Strategies

Experienced / Licensed With IRS Since 1997

What People Are Saying

“I recently started working with Sam and Exchange Trust for my real
estate business tax services after several years of using a different CPA.
After hearing that Sam specializes in assisting real estate brokers I was
interested to see what he could offer. He reviewed several of my past tax
returns & provided very valuable recommendations on how I could better
structure & operate mine and my clients business in the future. I
immediately signed on as a client & the difference in working with him has
been phenomenal. His level of expertise & communication has been stellar
and I now feel confident that my real estate business is in the hands of
someone that truly understands the industry & needs of realtors
specifically. I would highly recommend him to any real estate broker that
wants to run a successful & efficient business.”

- Nick Loveless, Broker
Windermere Real Estate NE

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